Iontophoresis Facial Beauty Mask

The Iontophoresis Deep Cleansing and Moisturising Facial Beauty Mask is a state-of-the-art technology that comes fitted with a Hydrating & Rejuvenation Membrane Essence mask, containing silver ion circuit current with silver paste health voltage; that helps to penetrate into the skin, stimulates tissue cells, encourages the development of enzymes and avoids signs of ageing.

Its core patent technology system provides both positive and negative ions which help
stabilise the active factor of all skins and maintain vitality. It can easily penetrate deeper into the skin to steadily relieve its successful treatment and conditioning. The negative ions  reach deep into the skin pores to absorb and clear all the traces of excess fat, dirt and cosmetics while holding the skin moisture in check.

The essence absorption result is more than a thousand times the conventional face masks in the market. The operation of the directional electric field is generated by the micro current. This 'face mask' can be preserved at a time for two or three days.

Its micro electric and physiotherapy massage will shrink your pores and tighten the skin. The liquid acupuncture and physiotherapy massage destroy the bacterial biofilm that forms on skin wounds, effectively treating drug-resistant bacterial skin infections

Shrinks pores, make the skin smooth and shiny.

It increases the absorption potential of your skin and doubles the effectiveness of your cream or lotion.

Permeates deeply into the skin and absorption rate increases by three times more than usual.

Fades the facial lines and tightens skin.

Minimises edema and eye bags.


Tiny Device and Big Power

"Skin-Compact Key" unit adopts the magnetic pole absorption principle and keeps the micro trigger in use.

"Skin-Compact Key" makes the magnetic conducting contact at the head of the face mask close to the conductive electrode. An ionizing electro-osmosis circuit will spontaneously shape and create an electric power gap between the face mask and the skin.

In order for particles of effective substances to enter skin-floor fluid, the effect of absorption is more than a thousand times the typical face mask.

The box includes:
● 3 pieces of Specialty Tencel Membrane cloth. Its surface is covered by a silver circuit
with a hot stamp. Dimensions are 210 mm X 230 mm.
● 3 units of the 'Skin-Compact Key' micro trigger device.
● 3 Hydrating & Rejuvenating membrane Essence pouches.

Skin Secret
You will enjoy this secret skin device. It has physical penetration and a super moisturising
effect that reverses skin aging. You will yourself witness the beauty miracle in only 3 days of its use. The nourishment it provides in 20 minutes of filling lasts for longer than 72 hours.

The massage of the mask employs iontophoresis technology. It thus has the effect to cleanse the skin more thoroughly and restore the luminous young skin.

When it is used, the micro trigger device will have electrostatic micro flicker at the moment it is put on. However, the safety voltage of the human body is 36V and the maximum voltage produced by the micro trigger is 1.5V, and this voltage produces a current of microampere level which works locally on the human body. So, it's completely safe to use. Your skin is going to love it and you will wake up with glowing skin. After its use the skin appears healthier and radiant.

Heaven in a tiny device!

Glowing skin is an important sign of good health. Iontophoresis Deep Cleansing and
Moisturising Facial Beauty Mask will moisturise your skin, eliminate excess oils and
enhance pores' appearance. In addition, it will help to remove impurities. If you have skin that is normally very well managed, but now and then it has a monumental tanning and throws those monster breakouts, slimming and flaking spots in the way. It’s worth giving this facial beauty mask a try. Its technical principle makes you feel calm on the skin. It is free from drying alcohols, silicones and essential oils and chemical screens.

Mechanism of Action
The loaded nutrient ions accelerate through the hair follicle, sebaceous gland or sweat gland, and enter through epidermis into the dermis, as a result of the electrical potential difference and the directional electric field.

The electrical potential difference accelerates the movement of effective material particles present in the mask to penetrate into the skin. The nutrient solution starts moving in the skin direction and penetrates into the skin tissue fluid. Moreover, the absorption effect achieved through this method is thousand times more than the traditional facial mask.

Material of the Facial Mask
Ion electric deep moisturising mask is made of pure natural membrane like thin cotton cloth. Its absorption is better than an ordinary paper mask. Its absorption rate is seven times greater than the ordinary non-woven fabric. When it is applied onto the face it does not fall off. It sits well and stays on your face. The texture of the cloth used is very thin and light. The membrane cloth is delicate and soft to suit your skin. The best part is that it is breathable and transparent. The nose wings and lip corners are filled securely to lock water inside.

It repairs and rejuvenates the dehydrated skin. If your skin is damaged due to sun exposure this mask is for you. This mask will quickly repair the damaged skin and promote collagen formation giving you radiant fairness and whitening you dream. The mask protects you from UV rays and acne vulgaris.

Silver Liquid Acupuncture
The moisturising mask has a deep hydrating effect. Over it there is a layer of silver paste
circuit. During electrification the ionic electric osmotic circuit is generated. It accelerates the movement of nutrients towards skin. The silver ions in the silver plasma circuit remove any obstacles and clear all channels to allow the nutrients penetrate into the skin. In this process the skin is detoxified and the metabolic rate of the skin increases. The water and nutrients penetrate deep down to dermis under the epidermis. The silver ion circuit current brings out melanin (the facial pigment responsible for discolouration) and toxins and performs the function of cleaning your skin. You will look 5 to 7 years younger with its deep moisturising and nourishing effect. This product is a goldmine for business. Once the people will know what wonders it can do the repeat sale will increase its demand. These are not mere claims it is made after proper study and research.

You only need to apply the mask for 20 minutes. It’s like a micro-SPA care experience.
Therefore, we call it “Silver liquid acupuncture”.

Instructions for Use
Step 1: Cleanse your face. Open the essence bag along the "OPEN" mark and the essence membrane bag along the dotted line. Pour the essence into the bag of silk membrane cloth. Wait 3-5 minutes until the membrane is soaked well in the essence.

Step 2: Take out the skin contact key and the membrane cloth. Apply and secure the
membrane on your face to ensure that the black patch of the membrane cloth is in the centre of your face above the eyebrows. Then, spread the cloth evenly over your face and place the key onto the forehead patch.

Step 3: Relax and enjoy the silver and essence infusion for 15-20minutes.

Step 4: After 15-20 minutes take off the cloth and cleanse your face again with lukewarm
water. Enjoy the wonderful experience of young, wrinkle free, happy and glowing skin.

Feeling of using Ion Electric Deep Moisturising Beauty Facial Mask
1. At the very beginning, some people might experience a slight electric shock feeling.
2. In the first 10 seconds the skin has a little feeling of numbness.
3. During the next 3 minutes: Slight warmth on face, gentle and comfortable.
4. 3-20 Minutes: You will sense facial tightening with moist and cooling effects.
5. After use, the skin is fresh and glass like transparent. Some users have short-term
redness after use, which is normal and temporary. There is no need to worry about it.

Matters Needing Attention
● Please clean the skin properly before and after using the mask.

● In step 3, while the 'Skin-Compact key" absorption (about 0.1 second), some users may observe electrostatic micro flash, which is a normal physical phenomenon, please feel free to use.

● To avoid the occurrence of micro flash phenomenon, you can change the order of step 2 and step 3 by first installing a "Skin-Compact key', and then apply the mask to the face. We recommend using our facial mask in three stages:

Stage 1: Use continuously for 10 days, one piece per day. You can use 3-5 pieces per day depending on the condition of the face. It will stepwise clean impurities in the skin (melanin, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and other chemical residues). The facial results are clearly visible. The mask restores the elasticity and leaves your skin soft, supple and youthful.

Stage 2: Once every 3-5 days for 3-4 weeks as a routine facial treatment or continuous facial treatment.

Stage 3: Once a week or ten days as your routine facial treatment.
No other mask in the market has these features and promising results that our beauty facial mask has to offer.

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